Here are links to clubs, information sites, and places to buy a vintage German Motorcycle or parts.

Vintage Imports

Vintage Imports is an excellent source for hard to find vehicles and parts for your Pre 1945 German vehicles and heavy military equipment.


Bench Mark Works

Bench Mark Works restores bikes. The owner owns an R12 and is the best man to rebuild your drive train. He also sells parts for Vintage BMW Motorcycles.


Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners

I am a proud member of this club that is dedicated to the preservation of Classic and Antique BMW Motorcycles


9th Reenactment Society

The 9th Reenactment Society is a group of re-enactors that portray all of the major countries during World War 2. I am a member and this is probably the only way most of you can see my R12's in action. is a good source for hard to find parts for your R12 Motorcycle.


Dreher Motorcyles and Spare Parts

Dreher carries many vintage BMW motorcycles and spare parts for them.


Phil Hawksley's BMW Motorcycle Information Site

This site contains information about every BMW motorcycle produced so far.


OldTimer Garage

Old Timer Garage is a great source for quality reproduction and original parts for BMW, NSU, ZUNDAPP, and DKW motorcycles.


Historic Krad

Historic Krad is a good source for those hard to find parts for your Vintage BMW or Zundapp.


Blitz Bikes

Blitz Bikes is the place to buy your license plates for your WW2 German motorcycle. They will also work to find the parts you need.


Mark Huggett GmbH

Huggett is an excellent source for parts for your old and new BMW Motorcycles.

Krad Rider Group

Excellent source for information on All WW2 German Motorcyles.

1941 BMW R12 Restoration

Excellent source for information on restoring your BMW R12 motorcycle.

WH Krad Registry and Zundapp KS 750 site

Excellent source for information on the Zundapp KS 750 and list of surviving examples of German Army Motorcycles.

Krad Medler

R12 forum and information site.

R12 Central

This is a great site about buying a R12. It shows how looks can be deceiving. I highly recommend you visit this site if you plan on buying a Pre-1945 BMW motorcycle.

Bosch D Magneto

This is a great site information site for the Bosch D-series Magneto.