Royal Military Sidecar


This is the sidecar I originally planned to use with my 1940 BMW R12. I obtained this set together along with another Royal Krad B boat (pictures coming soon) that is in excellent condition. The boat pictured is in rough condition but with a new trunk lid, new trunk sheet metal, and a little bodywork it will be good as new.  I have started the disassembly on June 29th, 2010.

Update 1/20/11 The body repairs are taking longer then expected. The damage to the boat was found to be much worse once it was sandblasted. The repairs are coming along and the boat should be done soon.  

Update 5/1/11 The major body repairs are complete. I am beginning the final preparations and bodywork to get the boat ready to be primed. I am in the process of receiving the last of the spare parts from Germany and painting them as they arrive. Stay Tuned!!!!

Update 9/1/11 The sidecar is all back together. All that is left to do is mount the ammo can rack in the trunk and install the Mg34 mount.


The condition I acquired it in


Body Repairs

Final Prep