1940 BMW R12 Military

This is my first of two BMW R12 motorcycles. I acquired this bike in April of 2007. I purchased the bike from a gentleman in Louisiana. The previous owner before him had imported the bike from Poland in the mid 90's. I purchased the bike in mid-restoration. The bike came with many parts missing or had incorrect replacements. The previous owner had the engine, gearbox, and rear differential rebuilt by Craig Vechorik of Bench Mark Motor Works.

This 1940 R12 started its life on September 5th, 1940. This bike was most likely equipped with a sidecar before it was delivered to the Luftwaffe or German Air force on September 6th, 1940. The motorcycle was assigned to Luftzeuggruppe München, later renamed Luftzeuggruppe 7. This unit was the Luftwaffe's aviation equipment depot in Luftgau VII (Munich). This unit ordered, issued, repaired and maintained equipment, everything from motorcycles to aircraft. This unit remained in Munich until it was disbanded on 28 April 1945.After the war the bike made its way to Poland. The bike was exported from Poland to the USA in the mid 1990's.